1926 M McCormick Deering

| March/April 1995

1302 Norman Drive Eden, North Carolina 27288

Here are some pictures of my 1926 M 1 HP Me Cormick Deering. My wife bought it from Ronald Jones as a Father's Day present for me. Yea, what a gift!! I showed it two or three times before restoring it to what you see now.

When I got it, there was approximately 30% of the original paint and the original decals. With the help of my wife, son, and friends Bill Burton and David Law, we worked between shows to restore it. I built the truck out of oak and the wheels were bought at the High Country Crank-Up in Boone, North Carolina.

This is my first flywheel engine and I am really PROUD of it. I would like to thank my wife Carol and my son Kenny. I would also like to thank Bill Burton and David Law for all their hard work, sweat, and time in helping me to restore my little piece of history.

P.S. I would also like to thank them for getting me into this great hobby.