1913 Avery 20-35

| October/November 2002

  • Avery tractor

  • Avery tractor

I just finished restoring my Avery, a 1913 20-35, serial number 1729, and thought GEM readers might be interested in seeing it.

Avery designed the 20-35 in 1911, with production of the new model starting in 1912. The 20-35 was built until 1915 when Avery introduced other models to replace the 20-35. Presently, only about eight of this model are known to exist.

I acquired the Avery about three years ago, at which point it was taken completely apart, cleaned, rebuilt and repainted.

It has a two-cylinder opposed engine with a 7--inch bore and an 8-inch stroke and is rated at 450 rpm. Rear drive wheels are 69-inches in diameter and overall weight is around 11,500 pounds.

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