1913 6 HP Associated Restoration

An ugly mule no more

| June/July 2010

associated 1

Terry Beasley's 1913 6 HP Associated engine after restoration.

Photo by Terry Beasley

For several years now, I’ve been collecting Associated engines. 

After purchasing my 4 HP a few years ago, I have been drawn to the larger engines. I kept my eyes open at the Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Assn. show in Portland, Ind., but the larger Associated engines just didn’t show up for sale.

While browsing the ads at SmokStak.com one morning in September 2007, I found my next engine. It was an early 6 Mule Team Associated that Jon Rosevink had for sale. The engine was complete and not stuck but looked to have a really bad paint job. It did have a nice clutch pulley and brass magneto, though.

After contacting Jon, a price was agreed upon and he arranged shipping from Ohio. I was worried about the shipping cost for such a heavy engine but Jon has some great shipping contacts and I was very happy with the outcome.

Safe arrival
The engine arrived in a few days, crated so well it seemed to take forever to get a good look at it. Everything was just as represented and the paint was just as ugly as I expected. According to the serial number it was built in 1913.

The engine had what I thought was most of the original paint showing, but someone had painted over it with little or no prep and most of the outer paint layer was gone or still peeling. I loaded the engine up and headed straight to my friend Stan Hudson’s shop to see what needed to be done to get the engine running, as my new shop was still just a drawing on paper.