Circa-1908 15 HP Elyria Gas Engine

Coolspring Spotlight: The unusual Elyria gas engine

| December 2011/January 2012

1908 15 HP Elyria gas engine

1908 15 HP Elyria gas engine

Made by Elyria Gas Engine Co., Elyria, OH
Year Circa-1908
Horsepower 15 HP
Bore 9-inch
Stroke 14-inch
Governing Throttle
Ignition Low-tension magneto with original igniter

This circa-1908 Elyria gas engine is one of the more unusual gas engines at the Coolspring Power Museum. It has a conventional 4-cycle design, but mechanically there’s hardly anything like it.

Unusual features of this engine include the three main bearing construction, where there is a main bearing on each side of the crank throw, as well as a bearing outboard of the timing gear but inboard of the left flywheel.

Other features of the Elyria gas engine include an unusual volume governor on the throttling system, as well as the original Bosch integral-coil igniter plug, which is an electrically open set of points powered by a low-tension magneto.

This particular engine powered an Amish sawmill/millwright’s shop near Danville, Pa.

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