Show Time! 1907 1,100 hp Snow Engine

The Northwest Michigan Engine & Threshers Club meets its goal to revive a massive Snow engine.

| December/January 2018

The show.

Tony Suykerbuyk (in gray T-shirt at center) addresses the crowd before turning the Snow on air.

Photo by the Gas Engine Magazine staff

1907 Snow 1,100 hp Twin Tandem

Manufacturer: Snow Steam Pump Works., Buffalo, NY
Serial Number: C123
Horsepower: 1,100 hp @ 95rpm
Bore & stroke: 23in x 48in
Ignition: Originally igniter, converted to spark plugs in 1944 with point tripper system consisting of 16 sets of points, dual spark plugs and dual coils per cylinder.
Governing: Ferguson horizontal-spring fuel governor

Ten years ago, Tony Suykerbuyk and other members of the Northwest Michigan Engine & Threshers Club in Buckley, Michigan, made a decision that changed their future, and likely that of the club, as well. After learning about a surviving Snow double-acting engine – a 1907 1,100 hp twin tandem, the only one of its kind still in existence – they decided the engine had to be saved. There was one little catch: The engine was in West Virginia, some 600 miles from the club’s show grounds. And it weighed an estimated 225 tons.

The Snow

If the engine looks familiar, it should. We documented the discovery and rescue of the Snow engine back in the June/July 2016 issue. In that article, we reported the club’s goal to have the engine set up and ready to turn on compressed air in time for the club’s 50th anniversary in August 2017. The club hit its goal, but it didn’t happen without intense determination and lots and lots of hard work.

When we last saw the engine in 2016, it had been moved into its new home, a purpose-built structure made possible because of a donation from the Wayne Webber Foundation and its founders, Wayne and Joan Webber. As last reported, the engine beds had been set in place, but the rest of the engine was still in storage, waiting to be assembled.

Even with as much work as had been done, Tony knew it was going to take a major effort to make their deadline. “I moved my camper to Buckley in the first part of April (2017) with the deadline target of our 50th anniversary in mind. I was up there every weekend leading up to the show except one, because I had to have surgery on my ear. That’s the only weekend I missed all summer,” Tony says, adding, “My wife pretty much gave up going anywhere. She knew I had a mission. I wanted to get it going so I could get it done.”

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