1896 Deutz Otto!

| March/April 1997

1896 Deutz Otto

RR 1, Box 38, Funk, Nebraska 68940

This engine is an 1896 Deutz Otto built in Kln, Germany, shipped new to Buenos Aires, Argentina. As you can tell, the engine is still under restoration. I am missing a few pieces yet, like the mag and the air valve. This engine was supposed to run on city gas or coal gas but I plan to run it on LP gas.

I found the engine when a friend of mine and I went to Argentina to look for rare John Deere tractors. We were not planning to run across this engine! It had spent most of its life in the basement of an old movie house, generating power for the lights and projector, away from most people's view.

It was found by a man who had helped us find tractors. As you can tell, it is still in its shipping frame. Hopefully I will be able to finish restoration over the next few months. Anybody who knows much about these engines, please contact me at the above address. Thanks.