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1912 125 HP Klein From National Transit Co.

By Staff

Manufacturer: National Transit Co., Oil City, Pa.
Year: 1912
Serial number: 978
HP: 125
Bore: 15-inch
Stroke: 20-inch
Weight: 40,000 pounds
Ignition: Dual-battery and magneto
Governing: Throttle

This 125 HP Klein engine is commonly referred to as a twin Klein, named after National Transit’s chief engine designer, John Klein. “Interestingly, this engine was made 10 years after his death, so even though the name is a tribute to the work he did, he likely didn’t have anything to do with the design of this engine,” Coolspring president Clark Colby says.

The Klein is a conventional 2-cylinder, 4-cycle engine. It’s even-firing, meaning that both connecting rods are on throws located at the same point of rotation in the crankshaft. It has dual ignition — a battery system and a magneto system. It also has a governor that was not original to the engine, and was apparently retrofitted by National Transit sometime during the engine’s life.

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  • Published on Jul 30, 2012
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