12-Year-OU Thinks Maytag's Are 'Neat!'

| September/October 1995

06604 AA Road, Montezuma, Kansas 67867

Maytag's are really neat engines. My dad has a 1947 Velva Cut mower with a nice twin cylinder vertical crankshaft Maytag on it. I fixed it up at the end of last summer. It was covered with grease. It has a rare finish. The flywheel has a valuable lawn mower rope pulley on it.

The mower really did a good job on the lawn. It cuts the same level as the new John Deere. It has the original plate riveted on that says: Trainer Manufacturing Company, Kansas City, Missouri. Velva Cut Patent Pending. Serial No. A-2633, Model G1.

My dad also has a 1948 twin cylinder Maytag. My mom has a 1928 single cylinder, and I own a 1937 single cylinder. My grandpa gave me two Maytag wrenches and Dad has a Maytag gas can with a special oil dipper in it.

I am 12 years old. If you want to write me, my address is shown above.