100 Rewarding Hours of Restoration

| January/February 1978

Gas Engine

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 17022

Three years ago Dan Robie and his dad, of Lancaster, Pa., attended a public auction, 'just to look,' near Farmersville. They did more than look. They came away with a 1903 New Holland, 5 horsepower engine, Serial Number 2622.

After spending about 100 hours of his spare time cleaning and repairing this gas engine, Dan finally managed to start it on Memorial Day, 1977.

Dan says that engine was sure one sorry looking mess when he bought it. All he could see was grease. Under all that grease, however, it was pretty well preserved.

He scraped it, took it apart, cleaned the parts, repaired the gears and rebuilt the ignition system.

The restored engine has all the original parts except for a coil which he bought from Clayton Longenderfer of Millersville.