1 Year and 1000 Mile Sharpies

| December/January 1986

  • 2 HP Sharpies

  • 2 HP Sharpies

7821 Dewberry Lane Cedar Hill, MO 63016

Ever try to haul two engines in an Escort one thousand miles? While cruising along Highway 17 in Ontario thinking of all the great fishing just a few miles down the road, I spotted a Fairbanks Morse Z Style D sitting on a stump. With a quick 180 degree turn and a couple of hundred feet back up 17 I looked the engine over.

The lady of the house said 'Yes the engine is for sale, but I'm not the owner.' After a brief discussion she indicated that on my return the following week the price would be established.

Continuing toward the fishing hole with two things on my mind fish and an engine plus a lot of teasing from the wife and two sons I saw a second beauty not a woman, but an engine beside a store.

After another direction reversal this engine turned out to be a 2 HP Sharpies. With luck I found the owner and it was for sale. Upon examination the Old Doll wasn't even stuck. When told the price, I decided it might be best to see how much the fishing trip cost.

Long before the fishing week was over I had decided the engine had to go to Missouri.