1 HP Cavanaugh and Darley

| May/June 1988

1 HP Cavanaugh and Darley

St. Rt. 2, Box 17, Walton, WV 25286

I' m sending you a couple of pictures of my engine hoping someday you might use them in the magazine. My reason is that I have not seen another one like it, and I sent you a picture of it before. I started to restore it and you ran it in the Reflector column asking anyone with information on this engine to contact me. So far, no one has. So if they are this scarce maybe someone would like to see it. This engine is a 1 HP Cavanaugh and Darley, according to Wendel, made between 1903-1905.

When I found the engine it had one flywheel missing, a broken rod, piston with no rings, bearings worn out, just to name a few of the obstacles I had to overcome. Luckily, after going through about three generations of family I found the missing flywheel on a cut off saw mandrel used as a counter-balance. The rest I had to make or repair. With no info on engine or pictures I began a pretty hopeless situation. But after about 2? years I came up with what you see in the pictures and it does run.

I did find out through the family of the original owner it was used to operate a homemade wood lathe.

Again I would like to tell you what a fine magazine you have. A magazine that the readers are a part of. I myself have sent info on old engines and have seen it published in your magazine. This, I think, is great! Keep up the good work.