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Coolspring Spotlight: 1906 40HP Foos Type SE

By Gas Engine Magazine staff

Learn all about the Type SE (Special Electric) engines, which employ oversized flywheels for the close speed regulation necessary in the generation of electric power.

Patent Page: Mery Explosive Engine

Article by Richard Backus

Check out this antique patent from California for a double-acting engine featuring a single piston

2020 Virtual Gas Engine Show

By the Gas Engine Magazine Staff

2020 gas engine show canceled? Watch several would be appearing engines, online through this virtual gas engine show video.

1867 Otto-Langen Video

By the Gas Engine Magazine Staff

Watch a 1867 Otto-Langen engine, the 3rd oldest running gas engine in world.


Domestic Hit and Miss Video

By the Gas Engine Magazine Staff

Watch this Domestic 1-1/2 horsepower hit and miss gas engine made in 1911.

4 hp IHC Famous Hit Miss Gas Engine

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

Watch this famous hit and miss 4 hp IHC gas engine.

Rare Rumsey Williams Integral Frame Gas Engine

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

10 Hp Rumsey-Williams throttle governed gas engine. The integral wagon frame and open crankcase is beautifully cast and finished.

3hp IHC Verticle Hit-and-Miss Gas Engine

By the Gas Engine Staff

Watch Tom Winland’s 3hp IHC verticle hit-and-miss engine with a rare natural gas carburetor.


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