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Mystery Engine Identified as Salsbury Engine

By Staff

Last issue, Dale Rieppel sent in photos of an engine he restored, but of unknown make. By way of identification, reader Kenneth Martin sent us a photo copy of an advertisement for a 6-1/2hp Salsbury: Dale’s engine is almost identical.

A little digging suggests Dale’s engine is a Salsbury Model 600, manufactured by Salsbury Motors, Pomona, California, which started as a scooter manufacturer in 1936.

Black and white Manual with engine on the cover spilt in half

The company apparently passed around a fair bit, its catalogs listing Salsbury as, variously, a division of Wayne Manufacturing Co., Northrop Aircraft, Inc., and Emery Engineering Corp. Salsbury engines were sold for a variety of applications. Scooter production appears to have ended in 1950, with engine production continuing to at least until 1956. Salsbury scooters are highly collectible.

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  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
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