You Will Remember A Rumely Products Collectors Expo!

| June/July 2000

GEM Staffer

If you were able to attend the Rough & Tumble Engineers Threshermen's Reunion last August, you had an opportunity to see a display of Rumely products that you would not forget! The sound of one of these giants starting up is truly awesome.

The Rumely Products Collectors, Inc. has a membership of 185 members. They had representation at this Expo from seventeen states plus Canada. There were exhibitors from six states plus Canada. Fifty-one Rumely products were on display, plus memorabilia. Out of sixteen models built, fifteen were exhibited. The only one missing was the 'Z' model. That's an impressive representation when you think of how much work goes into transporting these huge pieces of machinery.

The rarest model at the Expo was a 1912 25-45 Rumely. There are approximately fifteen of these models still in existence. Also on display was a 15-30 Roller owned by Jim Erdle of Canandaiqua, New York. This is the only one in existence, possibly the only one built.

I was really fascinated by a 1921 Advance Rumely line drive tractor, serial #506. This was rein-driven with two separate clutches. This rare experimental tractor is owned by Jim Erdle. Paul Stoltzfoos, R&T member, graciously demonstrated this oddity to me. He said you had to really concentrate when handling this tractor.

Another popular exhibit was a 1918 Rumely truck owned by Marlin Brubaker of Quarryville, Pennsylvania. He knows of only two of these trucks- the other one in California.