Yesteryear in Motion


| July/August 1976

By Jamestown Union Hill Lions Club, Willard D. Moore, 3139 Dillon Road, Jamestown, North Carolina 27282

Did you ever think back 40 years how much harder some farm work was than it is now? Well some of our Lions Club members realized last August when they were cutting and hauling corn for shredding at Yesteryear In Motion, that it was hot hard work. But, of course, all of these things like harvesting and storing wheat go along with getting ready to show how things were done then. From early spring until show time, thoughts were given to how we could have things that would be most pleasant to spectators and exhibitors. With all these things behind us, we greet a warm sunrise to find one of our friends, Frank Hodge, coming in with his pick-up load of gas engines and finding a place to set up. Before the day was over some 80 engines were set up all over the woods and most of them were running.

Dale Idol used his mules this year to pull the thresher in and put it in place near the wheat shed. We had several tractors to try their hand at pulling the corn shredder, baler and thresher, including John Deere, 8-16 International, McCormick Deering 10-20, W30, F-20 and Fordson, Threshing, baling and corn shredding were demonstrated several times during the day. Brown Loflin did show us that his 8-16 beyond all its beauty would really run as he drove it around.

We did not have a suitable load for Howard Latham and the 16 HP Frick portable but never the less he ran it and really blew the whistle a lot. James Feree brought one of his big Frick traction engines and drove it around and, of course, it had a whistle too. The Hyltons were set up in the woods with the gas engines with a vast array of model steam engines. They were running them, but their whistles were not as loud.

James Riggs and his wife made and sold cider throughout the day and, of course, gave those opportunity who wanted to try their hand at turning the crank on the cider mill. The Macons were also making and selling cornmeal from their stone grist mill powered by Economy hit and miss gas engine.

There were several antique cars, trucks, station wagons and even a barrell piano.