Xenia, Ohio 2001 Show

| February/March 2002

10 HP IHC engine

A 1914 10 HP IHC, one of several impressive IHC engines at this year's Xenia show.

I want everyone in engine land to know that the Old Timers of Xenia, Ohio, are alive and well. The Sept. 28-30, 2001, reunion of gas engines and old tractor people in southern Ohio was very successful. If you remember, on Sept. 20, 2000, an F4 tornado hit the Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia and destroyed the fairgrounds - we had no show. With the help of many people, the fair board and other governmental agencies, the fairgrounds have been rebuilt. The trees are gone, but the new buildings are beautiful - and the weather was perfect.

The featured tractor was John Deere, and as expected many were present. I brought a 1938 John Deere E 1-1/2 HP stationary engine, a 1979 John Deere 214 lawn and garden tractor and a 1951 John Deere LUC combine engine to the show.

A lot of equipment was already in place when I arrived, and a large blue and white tent was full of special John Deere wagons, tractors, toy tractors and a special 1939 Ford Model A pickup truck. Also in the tent was a restored buggy, a 1946 John Deere BO Lindeman crawler, a 1955 John Deere 40 high crop, a John Deere Model H, a 1918 Model R Waterloo Boy and the one-of-a-kind John Deere experimental 101 tractor made between 1941 and 1945.

On Friday I counted 57 IHC tractors, ranging from about 1920 through the early 1960s. I could not count all the John Deere tractors present -I would think over 200 were there.

The garden tractor display was well represented, with over 100 tractors, rototillers and other small items shown. One gentleman had a great display of John Deere patio tractors in their original colors.

Russell Luse and crew shredded corn and threshed wheat, and each day somebody else would belt their tractor to the different machines, including a 1920 16 HP Huber steam engine that powered the thresher one day.