Wild, Wet, Windy, Wonderful and Noisy West Virginia

| December/January 1998

969 Iron Bridge Road Mount Joy, Pennsylvania 17552

Early in the morning of June 24,1998, Ed and I, along with our Pekingese traveling companions Suzie and Sammy, headed west on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. (I think we should get a 'Frequent Pennsylvania Turnpike Traveler Discount' for all our trips across the state.)

Our destination this time was Moundsville, West Virginia, where the third Marshall County Antique Power Association Steam and Gas Engine Show was being held. This was our first trip to this show, and we followed instructions to Elby's on Route 2, in Moundsville. We turned down a lane that we were not quite sure was correct, then looked at each other saying, 'This must be the way.' But it was a little like following a trail in the wilderness. We crossed some railroad tracks, still not sure we were on course.

All of a sudden it was as if we had entered a new world. The beautiful tree-lined Ohio River was on our left, and a well manicured field, ready and waiting for show participants, on our right. Even though it was hot, we were psyched! Everything was so clean and pretty. Lines were neatly drawn for exhibitors and all was ready. I could see there had been a lot of effort put into this show.

At the back edge of the field was a cozy camping area with a line of cotton-wood trees that provided great shade. Spaces were equipped with electric and water. We settled in one of those inviting spots that beckoned us to 'come and rest awhile.' We were warmly greeted and treated to a free lunch of bean soup and iced tea. A little while later with the tarp up, and the dogs napping, we sat and gazed out at the mountains on the Ohio side of the river. Life was good little hot maybe, but good.

Suzie and Sammy had a nice little dachshund named Penny for a neighbor. They heeded our strong suggestions that barking was not permitted under the cottonwood trees.