Where Are All the Alma Engines?

| April/May 1999

10750 S. Vroman Road, Shepherd, Michigan 48883-9352

I would like to make a registry of all engines made in Alma, Michigan. If you would care to send me your engine size, serial and model number I will, in return, send you a copy of the list when I get it completed. I will also put the list in GEM with only engine information.

If you'd rather not have your name and/or address included in the list that I send out, please note it in your letter to me and I will honor your request.

From my ongoing research, I have found out that Alma Manufacturing Company was organized in 1903 by A.W. Wright and his son-in-law Henry Lancashine with a capital of $100,000. In May 1913, an agreement was reached whereby the Alma Manufacturing Company closed its plant and the newly formed Alma Truck Company would occupy it to build the Republic truck.

I've started a list with five individuals and they have a total of six engines; also there are two McVickers at the Cool-spring Power Museum in Coolspring, Pennsylvania.

I have three Alma engines: a 4 HP McVicker, a 1? HP Alma Jr. and a 1? HP Alma 'Clipper' (air-cooled). I got my 4 HP in McIntosh, Minnesota, the Alma Jr. from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and the Alma 'Clipper' from East Concord, New York.

I'm looking for a muffler for my 4 HP McVicker, as it came from a woodworking shop in Mclntosh and the exhaust was piped outside with no muffler.

Thanks in advance for your input.


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