What Dreams Are Made Of

| August/September 1992

New Hampshire Power of the Past Collectors P.O. Box 115 East Kingston, New Hampshire 03827

This dream started years ago with three men who always talked about having an engine club. Their names were Harvey and Warren and Bruce. Eventually these three men talked to Ed and Bob and Frank who in turn talked to Art and Bud and Danny who were all interested in finding out if there might be more people in the area with the same interest.

The 'exploration' meeting was held February 3, 1991 on a Sunday afternoon and-what a surprise-forty-three people showed up! It was definitely decided, then and there, that there was an interest and we were on our way.

That first meeting led to meeting number two, when we had a contest for a club name. That day we became known as the New Hampshire Power of the Past Collectors. Our officers were chosen, our by-laws and dues were discussed and the mood was one of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

By our April meeting we had our Charter and all necessary legal matters were taken care of. We even discussed the possibility of having a show. Our president, Ed, had found an eight acre piece of land we could use for a weekend show. But, the final vote was NO. Most all members felt that we could not put together such a show in such a short time.

At our May meeting it was asked if we could re-open the discussion regarding a show of our own. We did just that. Most of the members still held back, unsure that we could make it work. Ed said that if we didn't care to put on a show then he would like to try a small one himself just to see what kind of a spectator draw it would have. Now being the old New Englanders that we are, could we let him do this all alone? Of course not! And so we were into it hook, line and sinker, and there was no turning back!