| May/June 1996

26 Mott Place, Rockaway, New Jersey 07866-3022

Last spring, in between jobs, I decided to go to an auction sale in Hainesville, New Jersey. I had heard of it through a friend in the North Jersey Antique Engine and Machinery Club. My friend Dick Haskins had told me that there was to be an estate auction with some old tractors and old engines in it, near his home. I decided to go and have a look, as you will never know what you will find at an auction.

There were six or seven tractors, all of which ran. There were also all kinds of household goods and antiques, which were good crowd pleasers as well. What happened to catch my eye though, were several rows of old iron and related items. It seemed that these rows attracted just about everyone else, too!

There were ten or twelve engines, some in good condition, and some not so good, as well as a couple that would not even make good lawn ornaments!

Upon closer examination I found the following: The Arrow Motor Model K-2 Pausin Engineering Company, Newark, New Jersey, 5 HP. The engine block and the pump base were made of aluminum. The pump body and the carburetor were made of bronze, and the engine cylinders appeared to have water jackets made out of copper. As I was looking this engine over, my friend Dick came over, and gave me some of its history.

Dick told me that the pump had originally been sold to the local fire department for use as a portable fire pump. The area of Sussex County where we were was very rural, mostly vast farms and small country roads. Since there were not many fire hydrants, the local fire department had to draft (pump water) from a nearby pond or lake in order to fight the fire. As this pump was set up, it could either pump water through two hoses, directly to the fire, or it could be used to refill a tank that would supply another piece of fire apparatus at the scene. As the fire company and the town grew, larger pumps and trucks were bought, and the old pump saw less and less service, until one day it was finally declared surplus equipment.