| September/October 1978

P.O. Box 63, Adrian, Missouri 64720

During the summer of 1975 the Optimist Club of Adrian was preparing for their annual tractor pull when a few of the members thought it might be interesting to see how these new tractors might pull compared to a few of the old antique tractors that were in the community.

So the word was passed around and an old slip style, walk-on sled was located and before the regular tractor pull started those old tractors pulled, and stole the whole show.

When the Adrian community was preparing for their Bicentennial celebration it was decided to include an antique machinery show and a tractor pull. Before this event a group of owners got together and a few rules were agreed upon. The main rules were that the tractors must be as close to stock as possible and manufactured before 1939.

As a result of these events, the idea of an antique tractor pull came to be accepted and more pulls were held in other communities.

The summer of 1977 saw several of these antique pulls. Most were held in conjunction with established community get-togethers or as part of established steam engine shows in both Missouri and Kansas.