| January/February 1984

In January of 1983, July seemed a very long ways off, but we planned a Waterloo Boy Rally in conjunction with our town's 125th celebration. We sent out letters to people we know and put an ad in the GEM.

Suddenly it was June and we had to finish our farm work plus get ready for a show of Pioneer Power plus the Waterloo Rally. It was short nights and long days as you who have gotten ready for a show know.

On the first of July we set up our saw mill, pony brake, shingle mill, corn sheller, and Burr mill. Everyone worked so hard.

When the dust settled Monday night of the 4th, we had 10 Waterloo Boy tractors and 2 hand made models, models that you wish you had! We sawed lumber, shelled corn for a very fine crowd of people. Everyone had a good time talking about their Waterloo Boys. One man came from California to look at Waterloo gas engines, but there was only one, a 1 HP kerosene engine from Minneapolis that ran very well. Hope he wasn't too disappointed!

The weather was so very nice to us. It rained within 4 miles of our show ground. Everyone must have gone to church the week before. People who brought tractors came from all over; one was from Illinois which is a long haul with a nice tractor. One man came from southern Missouri. The rest were from Minnesota and Iowa. We had viewers from South Dakota and North Dakota; one couple from Ohio; a family from Pennsylvania and many more!

On Sunday we took a very nice picture with a camera that moves in a circle so every tractor is the same distance from the camera.