WASH DAY at Antique Power Days 1997

| January/February 1998

  • 1937 Maytag washer
    Left, Chelsea Bone, right, Joice King. 1937 Maytag washer with 1928 model 92 on it, at Salem, Illinois, Power Days, September 5-7, 1997.

  • 1937 Maytag washer

226 North Morrison, Centralia, Illinois 62801

Chelsea Bone, one of our grand-daughters, attended the eighth annual Power Days at the fairgrounds at Salem, Illinois, sponsored by the Southern Illinois Antique Power Club, of which we are members. Chelsea showed her 1937 Maytag washer with a 1928 model 92 engine. Chelsea washed clothes with her washer for two days and had a great time exhibiting it. Chelsea's best friend, Megan Neff, also helped her all day Saturday. Megan has gone to the show with her the last two years, and now Megan says that she needs a Maytag to show, too!

Our club secretary, Joice King, and her sister Ann Elkins, made Chelsea a dress and bonnet like Joice's and gave it to her as a gift for the show. A special thanks to both of them!

My wife, Karen, and I had a trailer of engines there, so we stayed on the sideline. Joice, sister Ann, and Nick King had a washday display and wanted Chelsea and her washer with them. They displayed a 1900 wooden tub hand powered washer, wash house stove, water boiler, wash boards, irons and related items.

Chelsea's school excused her from school Friday afternoon, so she could demonstrate for the school tours that day. She had a great time showing and telling.

Chelsea is a fourth grade student at Central City Grade School, in Central City, Illinois. Her teacher, Rosan Picket, also knows of old iron as her dad, Art Biagi, is also a collector and was at the show. Chelsea is our oldest granddaughter 'daughter' who lives with us. We also have nine more grand-children's-seven girls and two boys.