W. C. Matteson and His Flexo-Track-Tor

| September/October 2001

Headless Witte

Headless Witte owned by Otis Hardy

Floyd Schmall

The California Antique Farm Equipment Show held in Tulare, California on April 21-22, 2001, was unbelievable! There were 378 entries in Saturday's parade! When you can bring collectors and organizations all together in one place with fantastic brilliant people, the magic of this event seems miraculous. It is almost hard to put into words. Enjoy the pictures courtesy of Floyd Schmall, 55235 Peach, Fresno, CA 937250.

1919 Flexo-Track-Tor, drawbar HP 20, belt 40HP, Matteson Mfg. Co., Stockton, California. Read more about this tractor inside.

A recently uncovered discovery, a 1919 Matteson Crawler, was on display at the California Antique Farm Equipment Show in Tulare, California (see back cover). Floyd Schmall kindly sent us photos and historical background on this unusual tractor.

Walter C. Matteson, of Stockton, California, was president of the Matteson Manufacturing Company and designer and inventor of the Flexo-Track-Tor. His father was a senior member of the Matteson and Williamson Manufacturing Company, which specialized in the manufacture of harvesters, plows, and other farm implements.

W. C. Matteson had 40 years of practical manufacturing experience; most of it as master mechanic and designer for Matteson and Williamson. Based on his years of study and experience, he designed the Flexo-Track-Tor.

Before beginning actual construction, W. C. submitted his drawings to a consulting engineering firm which checked each part with reference to the strains it would be called upon to bear under the most severe conditions. Confident that all engineering standards had been addressed, Mr. Matteson personally supervised the construction of the first tractor.