Volcano Days Engine Show & Festival at Mountwood Park

| September/October 1993

Rt 1, Box 193 Washington, West Virginia 26181

Wood County's Mount wood Park is situated among West Virginia's beautiful hills 12 miles east of Parkersburg on U. S. Rt. 50, in the midst of one of the nation's first oil booms, and offers a variety of recreational opportunities for the whole family. Near the entrance to the park is a 50-acre lake that catches the eye of visitors. A trail winds its way around lake banks where nature's beauty abounds. Hundreds of acres of beautiful woods are called 'home' by a variety of plants and animals. The park contains 2000 acres, with more than 400 picnic tables and many recreational activities. I could go on and on about the beauty of the park, about the white tailed deer, the wild turkeys, and how in autumn the hills take on a beauty of colors that defies description...

Last September there were over 10,000 visitors to the park during a two-day event which over the past four years has exposed the thousands to the beauty of a small part of West Virginia. This event which has drawn people from all over the United States is known as the Volcano Days Engine Show and Festival, is held on the fourth weekend in September. Here in the boundaries of the park was located the town of Volcano, the site of the second oil boom in West Virginia, with Burning Springs being the first. I've said much about the beauty of our park and now I invite you to come and visit with us, not only to see a great engine show and festival but to offer you the opportunity to meet real down-to-earth and caring friends who will be delighted to be your friends.

Volcano Days Engine Show and Festival will be held September 25 and 26, 1993. For information write Mount wood Park, P. O. Box 56, Waverly, WV 26184, or phone (304) 679-3611.