Utah Antique Collectors Finally Organize

| July/August 1986

Treasurer Utah Antique Machinery Assoc.

We were strangers until about two years ago, even though we each had a love of mechanical things and were busy doing our own things in our own workshops. GEM played a big part in drawing us together.

A few of us were invited to display our antique treasures at a local antique car show. We were given one corner of the show grounds, and were amazed at the number of tired iron collectors in attendance at the show. Others came over too who can resist the sound of an old one-cylinder engine, putting away at a very slow RPM. What is making that kind of noise? We certainly got our share of attention.

I couldn't begin to guess how many of the people who watched those Maytags run, remembered that unmistakable sound and wanted to tell me about how their mother or grandmother used one to wash their clothes, so many years ago.

The younger generation watched in disbelief to see an open crank Stover governed by hit and miss. Most felt that the old Stover needed some adjustment to smooth out the irregular firing.

Those of us displaying our rusty iron, felt it would be good to organize a Utah Club. Bruce Rogers took the bull by the horn and requested GEM to give him the names of Utah subscribers. This gave us a nucleus of those who might be interested in tired iron.