Upside Down Gas Engine Highlight of Auction

| December/January 1990

144 S. Main St., P.O. Box 146, Vermontville, Michigan 49096

Stanton's Auctioneers conducted an auction of gas engines and antique tractors on June 30th south of Hadley, Michigan. The collection of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hartwig was sold to make room for their farm machinery in the buildings and reduce inventory.

Stanton's received pre-sale inquiries from all over the U.S. and Canada regarding the auction, and one piece in particular. The item drawing the most interest was a 1? HP upside down gas engine called a Gemmer, made in Marion, Indiana. The engine drew bids from California, Kansas and Wisconsin prior to sale day, but when it came down to the end it stayed in Michigan and sold for $6,000.00.

Other items sold as follows: an Economy 6 HP gas engine $775, Fordson tractor and plow $800, J.D. earth mover $985, Tom Thumb engine $625, Waterloo engine $325, Novo gas engines $375 and $400 each, J.D. swing loader $325, J.D. steel wheels $250,