Update From Mystic Seaport Museum

| November/December 1990

422 Route 148 Killingworth, Connecticut 06417

Thank you for running the article on our unknown engines in the September '90 issue. As I expected, the response has been very helpful.

To date, I think we have identified the two diesels; so far no luck on the 2 cycle marine engine. I got a call from Dick Day in Maryland and he gave me the story on the #3 engine. It is a Palmer. The model is RND-L. The 'RN' stands for Russell Newbury and they were built from 1939 to 1946. Dick says they are quite rare.

Cal Pixley from Westfield, Massachusetts made contact and came down to Mystic to look at the hot bulb engine, #1. Based on his knowledge and comparing it with a horizontal hot bulb that we have, we think it is a Meitz & Weiss. Cal has a two cylinder M&W marine engine and knows the whereabouts of about twenty-five other M&W engines. All in all, two out of three isn't bad.

In addition to the above, I received a letter from Max Homfeld who has a job similar to mine at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. He gave me a good idea for verifying the M&W. The data is someplace in the lighthouse records in the National Archives. I received a phone call from Henry Villard, who is in the Virgin Islands. We must have kicked this thing around for about a half an hour. It's a good thing it was his 'nickel.' Also, Henry Macomber and Paul Towne, from the Mystic area, wrote and inquired about volunteering their time on the engine restoration project.

It was a very satisfying response. Our collection keeps growing so I may be back in the future. Best Regards!