U.P. Steam & Gas Engine Association Show

| April/May 2000

Agricultural Museum

11326 Scott Road Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin 54568

Where were you Labor Day weekend, 1999? For many exhibitors, vendors, and guests, the answer is: 'We were at the 24th annual show of the U.P. Steam and Gas Engine Association.' In fact, it was the largest show ever for the association.

Located in Escanaba in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula, the association's annual show always attracts exhibitors from many parts of the country as well as Canada, but this year the response was overwhelming.

Why so many this year? Perhaps it was the new policy of no camping fees for exhibitors or vendors. Perhaps it was free breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. Or perhaps people just wanted to check things out for our 25th anniversary show Labor Day weekend 2000.

Recent additions to the show include our new Blacksmith Shop and Textile Building. Old favorites include the Cook Shack, General Store, and the Agricultural Museum featuring many interesting exhibits from the U.P.

Saturday afternoon was a special time for the kids, including scooter and stilt races. Sunday afternoon featured tractor barrel races for kids of all ages. The Swinging Seniors provided musical entertainment all three days.