Unusual Club

| December/January 1986

6750 Rattalee Lake Road, Clarkston, MI 48016

Several years ago a group of collectors met and decided to form a club. This club is somewhat unusual because the only ironclad ground rule is that there be no ground rules! No dues or don'ts, there is no way to join or run for office you can't even quit. Most meetings are well attended with fifty or more people. Wives are encouraged and many join the men-folk at the meetings. The emotional haggling that can derail and wreck a meeting simply does not get a start. All collectors are welcome, no restrictions.

All this provides very interesting and fun-filled times for us lucky folks that get together at the Seven Ponds Nature Center the last Friday of every month. Captain Don 'Steamboat' Naish is at the helm for most meetings. Don acts as the unofficial facilitator and does a first cabin job of keeping everyone informed and making absolutely sure the group stays far away from getting too serious.

'Heritage Harvest Days' is a big fund raising show for the Nature Center. The club members all pitch in and help with the show by exhibiting their collections of cars, engines, trucks, tractors, steam engines, saw mills you name it and someone in the group has one. It's a way for the club to show appreciation for the use of the Center during the year.

If all this sounds like your kind of fun, start a group in your area. Or if you are near Dry den, Michigan, stop in for the next meeting of Eastern Michigan Collectors. There's always plenty of fellowship, collector talk, and coffee, tea and cookies.