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By Staff | Nov 1, 1998

The long awaited Museum of Automobile History is now open to the
public. Reflecting over two hundred years of the world’s love
affair with the automobile, the museum is located in the heart of
downtown Syracuse, at 321 Clinton Street. It is the largest museum
anywhere dedicated to memorabilia and art related to the history of
the automobile.

An estimated ten thousand items reflect every aspect of car
history from 1770 to the 1990s. It evokes the world that the
automobile left in its wake, in extensive displays of advertising,
posters, toys, models, design drawings, fine art, folk art, and

The Museum of Automobile History will be open every Wednesday
through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and is closed on
Monday, Tuesday, and major holidays.

Keep in mind that there are no actual cars at The Museum of
Automobile History. While other fine collections display cars, this
museum presents the entire world around the car: its humor, its
tragedies, its greatest successes, and its obscure failures. If it
has anything to do with the automobile, you’ll find it at The
Museum of Automobile History.

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