UAW Local No. 662's Fifth Annual Show

| October/November 1989

Chairman 2025 Hillcrest Drive Anderson, Indiana 46012

Different types of food were enjoyed. Sandwiches, a fish fry, and of course the delicious smell of barbecued pork chops and chicken being cooked out on an open pit had people in line practically all day long.

The first steam engine to be in operation at our show was exhibited by Russell Merrell, Local 662 retired member. One of the few Indiana tractors that was made in Anderson was shown by Joe McClain. This is a real museum piece!

Ethol Andrew, Al Gardner and Bob Rhea organized different activities for the tractor exhibitors to compete in. Everyone enjoyed demonstrating their skills.

Dick Slinger created a lot of excitement when he pulled in on his beautiful maroon-colored motorcycle, pulling his gas engine exhibit on a trailer, all the way from Cookeville,

Tennessee. Also, Jack Miller had all the children as well as the adults captivated by his antique bicycles, and his expertise in riding them.