Traveling in Southern England and Ireland

| June/July 1992

Thatch roof and house at Dorset Steam

In the process of making a thatch roof and house at Dorset Steam.

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Last April we received a letter from fellow spark plug collector, Roland Swalas, inviting Betty and me to come to Sweden and travel with them in Europe. Having visited the Swalas' home and traveled with them in 1989, I knew this was another great opportunity.

With Roland only getting his vacation the first half of the summer, and our having two very pressing commitments the first half of the summer, we reluctantly shelved any long distance travel plans for 1991.

Then in early August I received a phone call from collector Dave McFeat in England with the question, 'Are you coming to the Beaulieu Auto Jumble this year ?' (Beaulieu is the large antique auto parts swap meet held early in September each year in south England.) I told him that I had no plans to go to England this year. If and when I do go to England again I would want to attend the Great Dorset Steam Show which is held a week before the Beaulieu event, and at this late date I- would not have time to make any reservations for rooms (bed and breakfast) at these two large events. Dave's reply to this was, 'Don't worry about that, I will make arrangements for you and Betty at both events.'

A quick call to American Airlines secured us a pair of tickets, and on the morning of August 28, it was pleasing to hear the plane tires screech as the big bird touched down at London Gatwick Airport in time for breakfast. We caught the Royal Coach bus to Salisbury, England, which is in the area of the Great Dorset Steam Show.

Upon arriving in Salisbury, we walked up Guilder Lane where all the houses are built together with each house utilizing the same side walls as the house on either side. We rattled the clapper on door #17, Mrs. Lyons' house; a gracious little lady stuck her head out of the one upper story window and with a pleasing English accent said, 'You must be the Bergbowers, I have been expecting you.'