Tractors and Gasoline Engines at Antique Acres Steam Show

| May/June 1969

Plow engine

Courtesy of Mrs. Robert Fischels, 327 Idaho St., Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Mrs. Robert Fischels

327 Idaho, Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Antique Acres is located four and one-half miles north of Cedar Falls, Iowa, on U.S. Hiway 218. It is a beautiful place with nice grounds and lots of shade. It has good facilities, large utility building, rest rooms and a large kitchen in front of the building. We have a deep well and water piped all over the grounds.

We also have two gravel wells, and supply tanks for steam engine water. Two 40 x 100 storage buildings to store equipment and also a blacksmith shop and maintenance building. A late addition is a souvenir building where you can buy steam show jewellery, post cards, T shirts and what have you. We also sell subscriptions to Iron Men Album and Gas Engine Magazines, Repair Manuals, both steam and gas, and a lot of mighty interesting books to read.

As to tractors, we have 36 of all sizes and 20 different makes. Now there is Cliff Johnston of Cedar Falls, Iowa. He has a 60 Catapillar of 1920 vintage, a 1916 Galloway Farmobile like new, a 10-20 Titan like new and several others.

Then we have J.S. Fenton of Waterloo, Iowa. He has two 30-60 Oil Pulls, make and break ignition; one 20-40 oil pull; two 16-30 oil pulls; one 20-30 oil pull and one 12-20 oil pull. These really bring back memories of the old days. Andy Fischels of Waterloo, has one 25-45 Case, one 20-35 Allis Chalmers, one 1919 Hart Parr 15-30, one 16-30 oil pull and a General, built by Cleveland.

A real prize beauty is a 15-30 Town-send oil tractor, about 1916 vintage owned by Andy Fischels and John Sundermeyers of Readlyn, Iowa. There is a 10-20 Mogul owned by Forest Huer of Cedar Falls, Iowa and a Waterloo Boy also owned by Huer.