Together Again 1990

| September/October 1990

RD 2, Box 125 A Mendota, Illinois 61342

The M-M Collectors Club winter convention is now history but the fond memories linger on. It all started Friday morning, February 23. There was a wonderful tour through the Del Monte canning factory. The crowd was bigger than we anticipated. At the same time there was a display of 56 pieces of machinery at Kaiser Implement Company in Mendota. What a display! Carol Kerchner and Ruth Tostad served coffee and cookies to a record breaking crowd. We are sure people came out of the woodwork. Such organization, Wilbert!

Meanwhile back at the Day's Inn the displays were rolling in. Rita Doty registered 301 people and a lot got away. Lucy Koch handed out 243 banquet tickets and Sharon Funfsinn sold $211.00 worth of raffle tickets on an M M afghan. Everyone worked at keeping the cookie tray filled and that was a job in itself. The displays were great, guys and gals! Thanks!

Saturday morning's snow storm didn't slow the pace a bit. The tractors were still on display at Kaiser's with another big crowd. The committee worked at checking in items for the auction. Clint Kenyon conducted a paint workshop which all the fellows really enjoyed. A job well done, Clint. At 9:00 a.m. Sharon Funfsinn and Rita Doty welcomed all the ladies to a program 'Brides Through Time.' Nine wedding and bridesmaid dresses were displayed, along with several picture albums and photos. Several ladies shared memories of their weddings, first dates, honeymoons, etc. Are Charlie and Gerry Slune still finding cake crumbs in their trunk? It was a fun time, ladies. Thanks to all who attended.

At 1:00 p.m. sharp the auction was underway, conducted by Darwin and Betty Croiscent of Croiscent Auction Service. Several M M collectors helped make it a great success.

At 7:30 p.m. the halls were full, natives were restless, food was ready. 243 people enjoyed a beautiful buffet dinner. Our absent minded M.C., George Yokiel (only kidding, George), introduced our speaker, Dean Hedges, who was a serviceman with M M for many years. A business meeting was held, door prizes awarded and the winter convention of 1990, the best ever, came to a close.