Tinkering Escalates Into Annual Show

| August/September 1990

RD#3 Box 753-E Searsville Road Montgomery, New York 12549

Our neighbor, Bucky Andrews, was one of those avid collectors of antique engines and old farm tractors. Personally I found him to be a little on the obsessive side, but hey, what do I know, I'm just a city girl!

Every once in a while he would stop by with one of those 'metal monsters' and an engine or two on the back of his truck. He and my husband, Barney, would hang out outside and talk tractor jargon for an hour or seven.

No problem, I thought, just a passing fancy; after all, Barney was once a farmer. Probably just dreaming of days gone by. Boy, was I ever wrong!

It was March when it happened. Bucky came by and asked Barney for the 100th time to come join him and the guys for their weekly 'tinker with a tractor night.' I just figured it was that male bonding thing we hear about so often. We'll just let it run its course and be done with it. WRONG AGAIN! By April's end I was the proud owner of not one but three 'metal monsters', a Cushman Cub and a pile of assorted rusty stuff Barney found along the way. My garage runneth over!

Now, we live in a small town, so everybody knew about Barney's new habit. I was working in the local diner at the time and a day didn't go by without some nut telling me where we could get yet another tractor. They would tell me things I did not comprehend and then give me directions to places I didn't know existed. I was starting to feel as though this tractor thing was a conspiracy, but I kept my cool.