Loses Finger in Process!!

| April/May 1986

  • Time Warrior

  • Time Warrior

As told to: David Sullenberger P.O. Box 1628 Las Cruces, New Mexico 88004

It all started innocently enough at the October, 1985, Antique Engine and Farm Machinery Show at New Mexico State University at Las Cruces, New Mexico (see January '86 GEM).

The Time Warrior, champion of 'Old Stuff', became a permanent fixture at the show for both days. The show was his first and he was there with camera in hand gleefully soaking up the sights, sounds and smells of old engines doing their thing.

Long a collector of 'old stuff', mostly cameras, machine tools and photos of old, forgotten and abandoned things, Time Warrior hadn't even been aware there were antique engines 'that run and everything!!' much less that they were a delightful new kind of collectable for stopping Time.

Naturally, when the show was gone and Time Warrior had only his photographs to muse over, he became afflicted with a curious malady. Symptoms included a longing for the feel of cold cast iron, the acrid smell of exhaust and BAM phuff phuff phuff BAM phuff phuff... sounds of a smoothly running chunk of history. This strange malady quickly became an obsession of the highest order.

A QUEST was definitely called for!! (Everyone knows, of course, that a successful Quest is the very best cure for all manner of mechan-o-historical ailments.)