Reunion Report: The Butterfield Threshing Bee

An eyewitness shares a brief account of attractions and events at the 1967 threshing bee sponsored by the Butterfield Threshermen's Association.

| March/April 1968

The Butterfield Threshermen's Association held their first show August 20, 1967 on the village farm at Butterfield, Minnesota. We had two steam engines, a '65' Case and a Model Case Engine; and about 25 gas tractors.

We threshed six stacks of grain with three machines and also threshed with a hand-fed threshing machine and a miniature Case separator. Other activities included shingle cutting, spinning yarn with a century old spinning wheel, and a model pioneer kitchen complete with many antique household items. We also had about one hundred gas engines running that were running at different times. An outstanding display of antique cars was highlighted by a 1908 Buick owned by Stoesz Brothers of Butterfield and Mountain Lake, Minnesota.

The parade at 2 P.M. was the biggest event of the day. The crowd was estimated at between twelve and fifteen thousand people, so we were very pleased with the turnout.

We are planning a bigger and better show for August 7th and 18th of l968. We want to extend a cordial invitation to be with us next year for our two day celebration.