Three Aultman-Taylors (and an Avery) In A Row

| August/September 1998

  • Aultman-Taylor tractors

  • Aultman-Taylor tractors

30000 338th Street S.W. Ryder, North Dakota 58779

This past fall at the show here in Makoti, North Dakota, there were three Aultman-Taylor tractors. They were all in the parade and are now parked in the museum building on the threshing grounds.

Note this picture of Aultman Taylor tractor #691, next to it is a 40-80 Avery #5301, then 30-60 Aultman-Taylor #2487, and finally 30-60 Aultman-Taylor #3130.

How many other shows, museums or collectors have three 30-60 Aultman-Taylor tractors?

I am still compiling the list on these old 30-60 Aultman-Taylor tractors. As of now the list is nearing one hundred and sixty tractors. Is anyone interested in the list, or would anyone like to add more tractors to this list?