This One's for Me!!

| September/October 1994

Farm-Master double wheeler

Tom Starling, Auburn Hills, Michigan: 'A Family Portrait'

10634 Oakford, White Lake, Michigan 48386

Okay, it's my turn!! I'm not going to write about anything that has to do with Emerson-Brantingham! Like the other 'better-halves' out there, I have been dragged to more engine shows than I care to count; to the point where I actually liked going to them. But I always felt like I was John's Wife not Phyllis. So it was time to assert myself and come up with something for ME.

We were at the Caro, Michigan engine show several years ago and doing what I used to do bestwaiting for JOHN when I wandered over to a trailer that I hadn't seen before. Yes there were iron 'thingies' on it and they were all painted up real nice, but I didn't recognize any of the names. You see I had just gotten to the point where I recognized Deere, Economy, and even Springfield, Olds and Domestic, but these were all new. Names like Hargrove, Ball, Schultz, Aldrige, and Lennox. Also, they didn't run, there was no gas, oil, or water leaking, and yet everyone was stopping to look and point.

I asked the man who owned the display what kind of engines they were and he replied, 'These aren't engines Miss, these are genuine, certified hog oilers.'

'You bet! Okay John (where are you?!) I'm ready now!'

Hmmmm, no John, I'm trapped. OK, composure time.