They Really Are Nuts, These Engine Nuts

| February/March 1989

3 Washington Street, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

You may wish to publish this particular article as an exceedingly biased editorial:

My Premise: As an engine widow/-wife, I have now learned quite resoundingly what I strongly suspected from the start of my husband's interest in this hobby of collecting, restoring and exhibiting gas and steam engines. Every man, woman and child involved in this hobby is crazy! My case:

Background: Early in 1987 a small group of men in the Brattleboro, Vermont area started a new engine club: The Green Mountain Flywheelers Association. The club's officers are: Doug Wood, (pictured on the next page), Steve Howe, vice-president; Gordon Woffenden, secretary.

Quite ambitiously, this new club sponsored two shows their first year. The first show was held on a balmy weekend in April of 1987 at a small field adjacent to an antique center just north of Brattleboro. Twenty-five exhibitors displayed their engines and enjoyed a pleasant two-day show.

In September of 1987 the Green Mountain Flywheelers held a second show and doubled the number of exhibitors to fifty-one. The second show was held at the Guilford Fairgrounds, somewhat off the beaten path and in competition with many popular local events. Even so, the response from exhibitors and spectators alike was very enthusiastic. In addition to gas and steam engines, an antique auto club from Greenfield, Massachusetts brought cars to display and there were several old-time tractors as well.