Thee Olde Time Farm Show

| July/August 1992

2155 So. Rt. 45-52 , Kankakee, Illinois 60901

The Olde Time Farm Show Club experienced a very successful show this past July 1991, with the move to the Historical Perry Farm and featuring for the first time the David Bradley collection. We had seventy units of Bradley equipment.

A parade was held Saturday and Sunday on the farm. We also had threshing of wheat, saw milling, stationary baling, and other farm exhibits going on. We had an attendance of approximately 3000.

We had a large household exhibit in the historic farm house, put together by ladies of our club.

We are expecting a large Bradley turnout for the Centennial of Bradley, Illinois in 1992. We have received letters from all over the United States. We will answer each letter as time permits.

Even though we have a large David Bradley showing, and may have a large John Deere show, we encourage all exhibitors and viewers to come to the show. We are looking for more horse drawn farm implements.