THE WHITE PINE Logging and Threshing Show

| September/October 1986

P.O. Box 447 Maple Plain, MN 55359

Deep in the white pine country, we were driving along a black-topped road and turned off as directed by the arrow pointing down a numbered gravel road. We were looking expectantly at small open fields interspersed among densely wooded areas with an occasional rutted road which permitted a view of a clearing containing a house and some out-buildings. Here there was a house closer to the road but sheltered by large trees that served to screen it from our scrutiny.

It was quiet, peaceful, and we drove along, more slowly, hoping for a glimpse of shy forest creatures. Surely this could not be the place for the great gathering. But then we heard, 'Wheet, wheet.' It could only be a steam whistle!

We slowed the car almost to a stop and from a distance came the muffled, 'Chug, chug, chug, pop chug, chug, chug, pop,' of some gas engines and then the high pitched whine of a saw biting deep into a log. Our excitement mounted! What a setting for a reunion of pioneer equipment buffs! Then another arrow directed us down another graveled road beyond which was a green clearing dotted with trailers, campers, RV's and tents.

The sound grew louder, clearer, a symphony of stakes being driven, tractors snorting, men calling directions or greetings, kids shouting, and women searching out neighbors or organizing their households for the enjoyment of the simple life in the outdoors.

'One, two, three, can you hear me over there?'