THE TOP TEN visit the Batsto Country Living Fair

| September/October 2000

Past shows

130 Serpentine Drive Bayville, New Jersey 08721

REASON # 10:

You can brag to your friends that you drove in New Jersey and lived to tell about it. So far, we have had four out-of-state drivers that can make that claim.


You will see history being made as Bill Hyers attempts to communicate with other life forms from outer space. You may recall our previous report on his hit and miss time machine. Bill is now involved with SETI. (The Search for Extra Terrestrial Inbreeding). He has built what he calls his 'outer space communicator.' This consists of an old lightning rod bolted to the center of a discarded harrow disc. This is wired up to an old vacuum tube radio powered by a dynamo that is belted to a 1908 Shivers & Knox engine. He is going to aim it towards Alpha Centauri (he believes that he may have a distant cousin from there), and he'll be mumbling incoherently into a pair of headphones all day. The club members have convinced him that he would get better reception if an eight-foot fence was erected around him and his display. If you visit Batsto, stop by and see Bill in action, but please don't rattle the cage, this makes him very agitated.