The Sparta Economy Engine News

| June/July 1998

20601 Old State Road Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

Our story this time is about Sparta Economy gas engines and the paint striping patterns used on them. The first model produced and shown here was the model A. It was dark red with a rather elaborate black striping pattern. It had double stripes with the outer stripe being slightly wider than the inner one. In each corner of the hopper stripes there was a design as reproduced below. In other stripe corners there was a three teardrop design. An arrow on the flywheels indicated the direction of rotation. There is also an interesting stripe design on the flywheel spokes as also illustrated below.

The Sparta Economy models B, C and CA all had similar and much simplified striping patterns as compared to the earlier model A. The decoration used in the stripe corners had a design that resembled a miniature short handled pick axe. A six horsepower size model CA is shown in above picture.

The striping pattern on the model CX remained very similar to the previous one, the main change being the moving of the ID tag to the front of the hopper and the addition of a decal to the hopper sides. A six horsepower size model CX is shown in above picture.