The Planning of a Show at OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON 1995

| April/May 1996

Branch 20, EDGE&TA 5040 Boston Harbor Rd. N.E. Olympia, Washington 98506-1850

As most of you know, it is a lot of work putting on a show every year, and what's even harder is getting the volunteers to help. Without all the volunteers, a show cannot be put on. Branch 20 has a great group of members who come through to make the show a successful one.

The dates of last year's show were July 8-9, 1995. Wednesday, July 5th, the volunteers started arriving at the Roy Rodeo grounds, the site where the yearly show takes place. This is our 14th annual show.

Weather plays a very important part in how successful a show will be. Wednesday was a warm day, Thursday and Friday turned out nice except for a few drops of rain now and then. We were keeping our fingers crossed for the good weather to hang on.

The members did a wonderful job getting the show set up. Curt Warner, the show manager, did a lot of work laying out the plans for the show and staying on top of any problem that came up. Mary Ann Nettekoven handled the volunteer schedule. She was good at the job and she had her list filled long before the show started.

Bob Belleck and John Corbin came and mowed the grass for easy walking. Joe Chainey brought his tractor with a bucket-loader on the front, and with the help of John Corbin and his flatbed truck, they moved a few yards of rock and dirt to fill in the deep craters that had formed on the show grounds.