The New Minneapolis Moline Collectors Club

| February/March 1989


409 Sheridan Dr. Eldridge, Iowa 52748

It seems once you've tried a Minneapolis-Moline you're a fan forever. At least the memory is always there. Thus groups of Minneapolis-Moline enthusiasts began to gather to share their mutual interest.

In 1986 in order for more of the people to share in the organizing and background work needed to put on these get-togethers a group met, drew up the by-laws and so started 'THE MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE COLLECTORS'. And the club is now incorporated in the state of Iowa and a tax-exempt status is being worked on.

An excellent magazine, 'The M-M Corresponder' was already being published by Roger Mohr, Vail, Iowa. With his cooperation all club news and announcements are included in the 'Corresponder.' Subscription is $13.00 a year for four issues with $1.00 of that going to the club treasury, which makes you a club member. Or $1.00 gives voting rights to a member who does not wish to receive the magazine.

Currently the club plans two conventions a year. The Winter one will be held on the last weekend in February and a summer one in connection with an established show which will feature M-M. Two very successful summer shows were held at Cedar Falls, Iowa and Waverly, Nebraska. 1989 summer show will be at Marshalltown, Iowa the first weekend of August. The first winter convention at Madison, Wisconsin was a huge success. 1989 winter show is being planned for Sidney, Ohio Feb. 24 and, 25. It will begin with a plant tour of White Farm Equipment, of Cold-water, Ohio. Saturday includes farm tours, an auction and banquet.

The membership roll includes fans from almost all the states and several . foreign countries. Last year four members from England visited and thoroughly enjoyed the many fine collections, and invited everyone to 'come and see us', and some may bloody well do that!