The Miller Family Visits the Tri-State Engine and Tractor Show

| April/May 1993

Age 10,307 W. Franklin Street, Berne, Indiana 46711

Submitted by Ken Doherty, President, Tri' State Gas Engine & Tractor Assn., Inc., 505 West Line St., Geneva, Indiana 46740.

Mindi, Jeremy, Kerri and Christopher Miller had been waiting all summer for the Tri-State Engine and Tractor Show. Now it was August, and they were about to leave for Portland, Indiana. Nine-year-old Jeremy was the most excited because he loved engines and anything on wheels. Christopher, who was only three, was jumping around and saying over and over to Mom and Dad, 'I wanna see da twains now!'

Five-year-old Kerri, however, was not too thrilled. 'Who'd wanna see a bunch of dirty tractors, anyway?' she complained. 'I'd rather stay home and play dolls with friends.'

'Come on, Kerri! It's fun! I've been there before and there are other things, like crafts,' coaxed Mindi, who was twelve.

Finally the excited Millers got into their RV to drive from their home in Orlando, Florida, to Indiana. On Friday afternoon, after two long days of driving, the family arrived at the Jay County Fairgrounds.