The Lubricating System Part IV

| July/August 1970

Titan 10-20-H. P. tractor

Illust. 39. Diagram, allowing where to oil the Titan 10-20-H. P. tractor.

Through the courtesy of Lewis H. Cline, 603 Fremont St., Middleville, Michigan 49333, and with the kind permission of International Harvester Company, 401 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60611, we are printing a series of interesting information from the book Internal Combustion Engines and Tractors.

Anyone having tractors will find these articles very valuable and those who do not have tractors will find them interesting. This is the fourth contribution with more information on oiling the Titan 10-20.

TITAN 10-20 - A Twin-Cylinder

Valve-in-Head Kerosene Tractor

MOTOR -- A twin cylinder valve-in-head kerosene-burning motor that is silent, smooth running, and a giant for power.

MIXER -- Uses without change of parts gasoline, benzine, naphtha, kerosene and distillate down to 39° Baume. Valve, after being opened, automatically supplies water in proportion to the amount of fuel being consumed.