| September/October 1977

Stationary gas engines and, gasoline tractors are among the many interesting items exhibited at the Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum, at Baton Rouge.

We visited the museum while on tour with a group from the Mississippi Queen steamboat, this past spring. The museum is located on the Burden Research Plantation, a 450-acre property owned by LSU.

Gas engine restorers should visit the museum, and volunteer to do some work on the engines which are in the collection. These include:

An I.H.C. Horizontal, 4 HP, 400 RPM, Serial No. R3551/D; a Fairbanks-Morse, 3 HP, 475 RPM, Serial No. 472816; Fuller & Johnson Mfg. Co., 2? HP, 500 RPM, Serial No. 91453, and a McCormick-Deering by International Harvester, 1? HP, 500 RPM, Serial No. A4737.

The tractors are a Case, 4 cylinders, Size CC, No. C336314, from the early 1920s, and a Samson 4 cylinders, Model M, No. 18039, from the late 1910s.

There is also a scale model of 'The General,' a famous Civil War locomotive. This is a steam-powered working engine built by John Fleitas of Madisonville, La., in the late 1960s. It is on loan from John Q. Kissner.